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At 500 meters above sea level, isolated from the inhabited centers, but with all the most important services within 15-20 minutes by car, Cerbaiola offers its guests a particularly suggestive approach.
Dominant position, a frame softened by the green of nature and marked by gentle reliefs.
This village is a natural balcony on authentic Tuscany; Volterra on the horizon recalls the history and culture of a world famous land.

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The breathtaking view of Volterra, Casole d'elsa, the berignone forest, the cecina river and Radicondoli make Cerbaiola a unique place, enveloping for the guest, bringing him into an ancient and unique dimension. The apartments renovated according to strict architectural rules present the comforts of our time inserted with grace and good taste. The large swimming pool completes an ideal picture for a totally relaxing holiday


The small church, the school, the bread oven, the stables, the press and its inseparable millstone bear witness to the history of this community. Then the houses, distributed and structured according to the proven logic of these people, who over the centuries have dictated universal rules of coexistence and social organization.


For lovers of trekking on foot, Cerbaiola bike is the ideal place to spend hours and hours immersed in nature, discovering new scenarios at every change of valley. Here, the lucky ones or the patients will undoubtedly spot some fallow deer or mouflon, or, during drinking time, wild boars and porcupines, all species particularly widespread in the area.

Art and culture

Siena is the closest historic city (about 50 km) and Florence itself is just about seventy kilometers away, half of which is a freeway. On the opposite side, the Rocca di Sillano, a fortress of the twelfth century, recalls the memory of more ancient disputes. The most famous destinations in the region are all within easy reach. Transfers immersed in the Tuscan countryside allow you to organize days of visits, as well as to Florence and Siena, even to the much closer Volterra and San Gimignano. The sea with the beaches of Punta Ala and Castiglioncello, Cecina or Bibbona is less than an hour away by car, even if the ideal holiday in Cerbaiola is made up of relaxing on the spot, returning to forgotten rhythms of life ...


In Cerbaiola wellness means sleeping in an uncontaminated place where noise, electromagnetic, light and atmospheric pollution are far away and non-existent. Where nature is the mistress, there are beneficial effects at any time of the day. When, for the more dynamic, a little further downstream, about fifteen minutes on foot, the river Pavone offers a magical alternative to the large swimming pool with the opportunity to take a dip in its natural pools, in transparent water and at a pleasantly temperature. mild. When you relax in reading in one of the quiet corners of the village or by the pool


Cerbaiola is also synonymous with simple life. All the main services are located about 30 minutes away so it is necessary to foresee the various needs during the movements. Discomforts that are part of a life of yesteryear considering the current habit of having everything at hand. Around the village from 10 to 20 minutes, however, there are several pizzerias or restaurants that are excellent for spending different evenings. Free internet available for guests.