The geothermal museum in Larderello

(23km, 35 minutes)

The Val di Cecina is a valley known for its use of geothermal energy since the 1960s. Located in an active geothermal area, it has gradually become an important player in the production of electricity in Italy.

The Geothermal Museum in Larderello was founded on the foundations of an old industrial building, which was later renovated and refurbished.

It offers an interactive exhibition that traces the history of geothermal energy in the region, presents the different technologies used for the production of this energy, and explains all the issues related to the use of this energy in Italy and in the world, such as sustainable development, access to hot water, and the energy autonomy of certain countries.

It is an interesting visit, which is a nice and complete introduction to the activity of the region.

The Rocca Sillana or Rocca di Sillano

(14km, 25 minutes)

Located in the commune of Pomarance, the Rocca Sillana is a medieval fortress built in the 12th century by a powerful noble family, the Pannochieschi.

It has been at the centre of many conflicts and battles in the region, and has continued to be enlarged and modified over the centuries.

It is therefore a testimony to a whole history, and it is now possible to visit it : there is a museum, and it is possible to explore the ruins of the fortress, as well as admire a sumptuous panorama of the surrounding area.

The Biancane of Sasso Pisano

(29km, 40 minutes)

The bio-lake of Sasso Pisano

The Biancane of Sasso Pisano is a geothermal site, where hot springs escape from volcanic gases and water vapour.

It is a well-known tourist site, which can be visited thanks to the paths that have been laid out there, and which offers an original insight into the natural wonders of Tuscany.

The bio-lake of Sasso Pisano is an artificial lake fed by hot springs rich in minerals. Visitors can bathe here to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of its water, which has beneficial effects on the skin, joints and blood circulation.

It is located in a quiet and natural setting, offering a truly relaxing and calm experience.


(40 km, 50 minutes)

Volterra is a medieval town renowned for its rich historical, cultural and artistic heritage. It was once an important city of the Etruscan civilisation and has many remains from that period (such as the Etruscan Acropolis), as well as from the Roman period (such as the Roman Theatre) and finally from the medieval period (such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta).

It is therefore a must-see city when visiting the region, both for its cultural and historical aspect, which allows you to discover a lot of fascinating museums and tourist sites, but also for its gastronomic aspect with a lot of restaurants where you can taste the numerous specialities of Tuscany, such as the ribollita or the panzanella.

Finally, although Volterra is a tourist town, it retains its authenticity and continues to offer a truly local experience.

Association Il Poggio – Science and Culture

The Associazione Il Poggio Foundation in Montecastelli Pisano is a hidden gem for classical music lovers and tourists in search of a unique cultural experience.

Nestled in the charming Tuscan countryside, this foundation is dedicated to promoting and supporting classical music in all its forms. It was founded by German cardiologist Philipp Bonhoeffer, a polyglot with a passion for classical music, who has won worldwide acclaim for his commitment to advancing heart medicine.

Regular concerts, festivals and events featuring artists from all over the world are organized here. Concerts take place in a completely renovated venue, where the owner places great emphasis on hospitality, including a free buffet after performances, offering visitors an unforgettable musical experience in a highly original setting (including the auditorium with its 99 different chairs, donated by artists and local residents).

Where to eat?

La Dispensa, Pomarance, 22km, 30 minutes by car (Podere Sant'Alessandro, 40, 56045 Pomarance PI): quality cuisine at reasonable prices.

Contact : +39 342 731 2239

Ristorante Pizzeria La Rocca, San Dalmazio, 7km, 10 minutes by car (Via Castello in S Dalmazio, 212, 56045 San Dalmazio PI): small but original and affordable restaurant.

Contact : +39 0588 66002

Il Piatto Forte, Monteguidi, 5km, 5-10 minutes by car (SP29, 53031 Monteguidi SI): A local restaurant, offering simple and typical cuisine.

Contact : +39 0577 963179 La

Pergola, Radiocondoli, 17km, 25 minutes by car (Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 22, 53030 Radicondoli SI): Great view from the terrace, especially in summer. They serve pizza and other typical Italian dishes.

Contact : +39 0577 790717

Caffè Casolani, Casole d'Elsa, 18km, 25 minutes by car (Via Alessandro Casolani, 41, 53031 Casole d'Elsa SI): Picturesque place in the centre of town, the menu is fixed and changes every year.

Contact : +39 0577 948733

Da Clara,  via costarella 22 Montecastelli Pisano 56041

Contact: +39 353 450 3597

La Speranza, Colle di Val d'Elsa, 10km, 15 minutes by car (Localita' La Speranza, 53034 Colle di Val D'Elsa SI): Their braised steak is incomparable!

Contact : +39 0577 929696

The Markets

The local markets of the Val de Cecina are a very good experience if you are looking for real fresh products, a typical atmosphere, and an olfactory and gustatory experience. You will find the best cheeses, vegetables and oils of the region in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, in the middle of medieval and picturesque squares.

Monday: Casole d'Elsa

Tuesday: Cecina

Wednesday: Massa Maritima, Siena

Thursday: Pomarance

Friday: Colle Val d'Elsa, Follonica