Pisa - The Luminara, the San Ranieri regatta and the bridge game - JUNE

June is an important month for Pisa, with events of the "Juigno Pisano". On June 16, the
Luminara inaugurates the San Rainier celebrations, with more than 70,000 candles along the Arno
and fireworks. On June 17, four boats representing the historic neighborhoods participate in the
San Ranieri regatta. On the last Saturday of June, Pise hosts the Gioco del Ponte, a
reconstruction of a medieval battle on the main bridge, preceded by a historical procession in

Florence - Florentine historical football - JUNE

On June 24, spectacular fireworks on the banks of the Arno conclude the celebrations of the
patron saint of Florence, San Giovanni Battista.
First of all, a parade in historical costumes starts from the church of Santa Maria Novella and ends
at the church of Santa Croce, where historical football is played. This game, a combination of
football, rugby and free wrestling, sees four teams from historic neighborhoods (Santa Croce blu,
Santo Spirito bianchi, Santa Maria Novella rossi, San Giovanni verdi) compete to win a Chianina

Arezzo - Giostra del Saracino - JUNE AND SEPTEMBER

The traditional Giostra del Saracino takes place twice a year in Piazza Grande in Arezzo: the third
Saturday in June at night and the first Sunday in September in the afternoon. This former
tournament, dating from the 16th century, commemorates the attempts of Christians to slow
down the advance of Islam. Before the merry-go-round, a colorful historical procession crosses
the city. During the merry-go-round, eight costumed knights throw themselves on a puppet, the
Sarain, trying to hit his shield with a spear. The four rions of Arezzo are represented by two knights
each, and the winner receives a gold spear.

Siena - Palio di Siena - JULY AND AUGUST

The Palio di Siena is a historic horse race that takes place twice a year, on July 2 and August 16,
in the famous Piazza del Campo. The neighborhoods of the city are competing for the
Drappellone, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In the days before the race, neighborhoods are in
turmoil and organize festive dinners in the medieval streets of the city. Before the race, a historic
procession crosses the center of Siena, ending in Piazza del Campo.
Pistoia - Pistoia Blues Festival, Bear Ride (suspended)
In July, two important events take place in the city of Pistoia: the Pistoia Blues Festival and the
Giostra dell'Orso. The Pistoia Blues takes place in the first half of July and welcomes international
blues artists in the main squares of the city. On July 25, after a procession in honor of San
Jacopo, twelve knights participated in the Giostra dell'Orso, slamming bear-shaped targets to the
sound of drums and brass band. The bear is the heraldic animal of Pistoia. Currently, the merry
go-round is suspended and citizens will decide by referendum to continue the event after the
2013 incident in which a horse was injured.

Montepulciano - Bravio delle Botti - AUGUST

The Bravio delle Botti, which takes place on the last Sunday of August in Montepulciano, is a fun
race with barrels in the streets of the city. Eight neighborhoods of Montepulciano compete for the
palio, rolling wooden barrels weighing about 80 kg uphill for about 1800 meters to Piazza Grande,
in front of the Duomo. The race is

The local markets

The local markets of Val di Cecina are a great experience if you are looking for real fresh products, a typical atmosphere and an olfactory and gustatory experience. You will find the best cheeses, vegetables and oils of the region in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, in the middle of medieval and picturesque squares.

Monday: Casole d'Elsa

Thusday: Cecina

Wednesday: Massa Maritima, Siena

Thursday: Pomarance

Friday: Colle Val d'Elsa, Follonica

Saturday: Volterra, San Vincenzo